Gardening and God

January 28, 2013 Bible ThoughtsGardening  No comments

1259083_untitledIt is amazing when He reveals things to us, with ordinary and daily tasks. How He can use simple things in our life to show us things in the spiritual.

It's time to get our garden back up and running. We had a pretty good turnout last year, then when fall came, we kind of let life get in the way and let are garden go to weeds. So today, we got out there and pulled weeds and got the soil ready.

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The WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

January 26, 2013 Bible Thoughts  No comments

147780917_f79e106f58_mScripture defines scripture.

יהושע said to him, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.   John 14:6 (ISR98)

What is the way, the truth and the life? Yeshua is always quoting, referring or doing something from the Torah, which He is the walking Torah, the Torah made flesh. So we

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You Believe What??

January 18, 2013 Bible ThoughtsLife  No comments


I get that question often...Since I have switched over my blog, and decided the actual path I want it to take, I figured I needed to post what my actual beliefs are as a starting point. So that when I am questioned here, I can redirect people back to this post. I don't like explaining the same thing a hundred times. I do enough of that in real life. Haha.

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First canning experience

June 4, 2012 CookingDIYGardening  No comments

Since we had an abundance of tomatoes, as well as strawberries that were given to us, I decided to try to save them somehow. So I tried my hand at making strawberry jam and canning up some diced tomatoes. Since we buy diced tomatoes like crazy. Overall, it was super simple. But it was tedious. Between hulling and cutting the strawberries, cooking it then canning and then moving on to de-skinning

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More harvests!

June 2, 2012 Gardening  No comments

The small picture to the left was our harvest from a few days ago. Today, we got even more tomatoes, a carrot that was pulled to see where we were at (and then was promptly taste tested...mmm), and some peppers. We have a couple watermelons forming as well as a sweet little sugar pie pumpkin that is on the verge of turning orange! We've harvested all the lettuce we could as they have now bolted.

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And we have eggplant!

May 14, 2012 CookingGardening  2 comments

I have been watching the big purple one emerge the past few days, but I didn't notice the striped ones that had shown up! Aren't they gorgeous? Both are different kinds. I've never had eggplant but I thought we'd try it out. They make pretty additions to the garden! I've also noticed another purple one coming up on the same plant, and 2 more about to come out on another plant. I can't wait to try

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Our Homebirth

April 25, 2012 BirthNaturalPregnancy  2 comments

I'm going to post our birth story of our 5th baby, Elijah Judah. Not just because I want to be able to come back and remember all the details years from now, but to help make home birthing more "normal". It's on the rise, but is still thought to be dangerous and reckless by societal norms. It's not the perfect situation for all births, but the majority it is. This was our first home birth out of

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From Normalcy to Convenience

December 8, 2009 BreastfeedingNaturalParenting  7 comments

From my experience, this is such a taboo subject but it's a very important subject to me that I am passionate about.

I came across a great article on co-sleeping today. I posted it in a few of my online places I visited. While expected, I received a few negative reactions.  Most were very positive experiences with co-sleeping. Mine included. But it got me to thinking, when did something that

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